Louk Clothing Premises

Situated in the picturesque village of Geraldine, New Zealand on the tourist route between Christchurch, Mt Cook and Queenstown; Louk NZ Clothing offers a unique opportunity to view and buy genuine New Zealand-Made Clothing.

There is an excellent choice of women’s and men’s (and some children’s) garments made for lifestyle, fashion, outdoors and work. We offer a wide selection of accessories, and the largest choice in socks you would see any where! All made from a variety of high quality fabrics including NZ Merino, Possum, quality fleece, proven technical fabrics and silks, garments tested and proven for performance and durability.


Louk NZ Clothing stock the best quality New Zealand made clothing.

Through close contact with our suppliers, we are able to know without a doubt that standards of production are very high. We are proud to play a part in keeping New Zealanders in jobs, all the NZ Made garments we stock have passed through several local hands before they reach our store.


OPEN 7 DAYS: 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri. Weekends/Public Holidays: 10am – 4pm